By integrating your manufacturing process or complete project management, we offer services in a very wide range of activities.

Let’s create together the technique that will revolutionize your products!

Ductile metals such as copper or aluminum alloys have excellent deposition properties. It is also possible to deposit thicknesses of several mm, offering a wide range of new possibilities.

Many possible applications (electrical conduction, heat transfer, grounding/bonding…)

Repair  : Save your « unrecoverable » parts and tools!

  • rebuilding worn parts,
  • Modification of new / obsolete parts / foundry defect / machining failure / …
  • addition of function on existing parts: tools, casting molds, …

Depending on the type of parts to be repaired, we propose the most appropriate repair technique.

Note that some « non-weldable » materials may be deposited by Cold Spray.

Protection by deposit of material:

Improve life and performance by applying a specific, localized surface coating

Many laboratories have developed Cold Spray coatings to optimize impact resistance, corrosion, pressure, temperature … there is probably already a solution adapted to your problem, fast and effective!

  • Zinc
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel

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case study: localized deposit of stainless steel to lighten stainless steel structures :